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Mu 2.2 Essay

  • Submitted by: bella55
  • on March 10, 2013
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1.2 Identify different observation methods and know why they used
Naturalistic: Observations are carried out in the child's natural environment and allows the child to perform tasks without having a structure made ​​by the observer, is used to find out how the child develops their imagination
Structure: This observation is in which the teacher has created a specific activity to see how the child performs the task for example asked to draw a rainbow to see if the child can identify colours, ask the child to draw a puzzle to see if you identify shapes   and put them in the place of.
Longitudinal: When you have settle a observation pattern, parents and teachers record the child's achievement so they can observe the development of the child and the period of time that he does it, so they can see if the child is developing normally, or he has some difficulty, for example, at the beginning of the course the child needs help with her coat but after a while he does by himself.
Snapshot: This type of observation involves trying to achieve a ‘snapshot’ of how a child is behaving at any given period of time, for example when a child eats in the nursery for the first time and he is used to being fed by his mother.

3.1 Describe the different transitions children and young people may experience
When a child is moved to live in another city because their parents have changed their work, the child has to leave her friends and school, this situation can make him angry, come into depression, being sad all the time, etc.
Parents' divorce is always a problem for the child who does not understand why he can not see one of their parents every day or do things as a family, the child may feel that he is responsible for it, he will feel sad and may even show their anger by being aggressive, etc..
With the arrival of a little brother the child may feel that he is not a baby anymore and he does not have the same attention as before, he may be jealous of the baby and try to draw the...

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