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I recently watched Good hair with Chris Rock and I see how so many black women feel pressured to get relaxers and perms to feel accepted in the working world. I hate the natural “black hair” isn’t just accepted. It isn’t fair for black women to think they have to make their hair look like everyone else’s but their own to be taken seriously and seen as a professional. B lack women usually start getting relaxes around the ages nine and ten, trying to be something they’re not. Even went so far as to stay out of the rain, wearing shower caps, and spending way too much money to obtain this none course hair. Singer and song writer India Arie wrote a song featuring Akon called I Am Not MY Hair in 2005. This song depicts the same meaning Chris Rock was showing his film Good Hair. The meaning of this song is to tell the world not just black women, that you don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations but your own. You can be free to create your own you. India was inspired to write I Am Not My Hair after she cut all her hair off bald. This song is saying that people should do what they want and be who they want to be instead of buying into someone’s stereotype of which they should be. There’s a bar in verse two, it says “if it’s not what’s on your head it’s what’s underneath and say HEY”. That bar alone explains the song meaning in full detail. Your hair does not determine who you are. It’s more of an asset. Not saying you shouldn’t take care of it, but you shouldn’t determine your self-worth by the texture or the length of your hair. All lengths and textures are beautiful. That’s what makes an individual unique. In verse three there’s a bar, “breast cancer chemotherapy took away her crown and glory”. This statement is referring to a woman named Melissa Etheridge, but this statement also embodies how very many cancer victims that go through chemotherapy feel every day.

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