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Mth 233 Wk 4 Team Essay

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WK 4 LT D- Internet Usage and USPS Impact
MTH 233
January 21, 2013

WK 4 LT D- Internet Usage and USPS Impact
In 1774 when our Founding Fathers appointed Benjamin Franklin as the first Post Master General, they never could have imagined the impact it would have on the expansion and growth of the United States.   During the eighteenth century, letters were hand carried by travellers of all types, friends, sea captains, and slaves.   Everyday businesses served as the post office of the day, including taverns and inns (PBS, 2013).   By the mid twenty-first century, the USPS was responsible for the delivery of over 210 billion pieces of mail annually (USPS, 2013).   Although the USPS has shown its ability to adapt to the changing demands of the public and technology over the course of it’s history, continuing technological advances are threatening the significance of this iconic organization when it comes to personal correspondence.   Along with these advances and societies need for instant gratification, electronic mail has replaced physical mail as the communication tool of choice.   A hypothesis test was conducted by Learning Team D to determine if an increase in usage of the Internet and email has impacted the mean annual postal volume of first class mail from 1995 to the present.
Historical postal volumes were obtained from the USPS official website to conduct a two sample hypothesis test assuming normal distribution and ≠2Of the total annual mail volume, the data for first class mail was used for purposes of the test versus priority mail and package delivery that would not be impacted by increased email usage.   Data on Internet usage within the United States was obtained from the Internet World Statistics website (internetworldstats.com, 2013).   The sample mean of data gathered from 1995-2004, when Internet usage was at its beginnings, was 100.4 billion letters delivered annually by the post office.   This sample data was used to create the following...

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