Mt Shasta Eruption Report

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From the eye of a survivor waiting for rescue in the city of Mc Cloud. It is 1:30 pm at the day of April. 1st and I’m doing my digital painting works at the studio. Documents: The Eruption of Mt Shasta: A Survivor's Story We are a studio team co working with WB films. The Mt Shasta is fame for its beautiful snow’s views and we will make an animation film use its views as the background. The studio planed a trip to the Mt Shasta and we will stay at McCloud hotel. The equipment team with their big trailer already there one day before us and booked the hotel for us. We arrived at the air port at 10am, and will have a conference in the lobby at 1pm. At 12pm, we checked in our rooms, tided up the equipments and prepared for tomorrow’s footage. We put food, water, camps,…show more content…
All of us were running out of the lobby and standing by the big trailer. The mountain was shaking and a giant cloud was forming above it. We were shocking of that and finding the filming equipment, shooting this great living footage. The earthquake didn’t last for long, but the cloud above the mountain was getting larger. All people in the hotel were getting out at this point, and the manager told the guests that probably was a volcano eruption. We were staying around the trailer and filming the whole event until a big explosion wiped out and the debris seems more serious. That was about 30 minutes after the first earthquake. Our team leader decided to go to the communication center and see if we can help or get help there as all the residents were tiding up and going to the center now. We were terrified but still shooting this great footage until the equipment team told us they used the wet towel stuffed the around the parts of the engine that would intake air when they started. The driver hoped that would filter the ash that might get into the

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