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SONY BMG CASE How would increasing digital distribution and the piracy of MP3 music files influence your budgeting and control ? Piracy consist in copying songs without the authorization of the owner, it is a civil offense and even a crime. It has appeared in the late 20th and beginning of 21st centuries with the raise of Internet. Nowadays, about 95% of the music downloaded is ilegal. The advantages of music piracy is that it is easy approaching because of the numerous websites available like Youtube, Pandora but also that it increases music diversity. People can discover different kinds of music, unknow artists and old music too. These ilegal downloadings can lead to later purchases in some of the cases. The disavantages of music piracy is that it has negative effects on the music economy and puts in danger the artists. This method is obviously illegal and the person that is doing this has high chances of being hacked or to catch a virus. Nowadays, piracy can not be controlled on the music market as it is used by everyone. It as became difficult to find and to punish people using ilegal downloading. However, the Government is trying to regulate this market and to be more aware of the methods used by people. Many platforms were closed in the last few years such as Emule or LimeWire. Concerning the company's budget, it can help to save money on advertising and communication because some songs can become viral on internet thank to downloading. Digital distribution (also called content delivery or electronic softare distribution) describes the delivery of media content such as audio without the use of physical media usually over online delivery mediums, such as internet. This method of distribution as several disavantages like the difficulties to create a marketing plan with it or the possibilities for thieves to steal customer's accounts. The

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