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The four principle managerial functions consist of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling (Hitt et al., 2012). Effective managers understand how managerial functions are used to achieve management’s goal. Each component of managerial functions is crucial, and no one be able to work well without each other. Based on company background, I choose three functions to link the Johnson action. 2.1 Planning Planning is primary function of management, which refers to the process of thinking and estimating future conditions in advance. Managers need based on the organization’s vision to determine the organization’s goals and design how to achieve that. Specifically, it includes what to do, when to do, where to do and who to do. If company without planning in advance, when unexpected accident occurs, the organization’s performance is affected, and then they may have to take extraordinary actions. In the H. J. Heinz Co., an acrimonious battle between William Johnson (Heinz CEO) and Nelson Peltz (a hedge fund manager acquired 5.5% Heinz stock as an activist investor) (Gray, 2006). During the proxy fight, Peltz plays the role of an investor shows that he already saw Heinz Company has positive development in the future. Mr. Johnson realized that and took actions to improve the company’s performance. Johnson came up with the plan for Heinz development includes the profitable sales growth of 3%–4% annually, revenue growth in company core business (especially ketchup), increase advertising spending, focus on core markets & accelerate growth in emerging markets, and add two seats in the boardroom (Gray, 2006). 2.2 Organizing Organizing involves how to distribute resources and organize employees according to the plan. This is a significant activity which brings together the resources and manpower for accomplishment of the overall strategic direction. In 2002, due

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