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Ms Evers Boys Essay

  • Submitted by: tayveonmom
  • on June 25, 2012
  • Category: History
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Miss Evers’ Boys

A misconception people have in dealing with life’s troubles is that it’s wrong to ask why- that a Christian simply accepts and never question. Abraham, Moses, and David all interceded and struggled to understand GOD. But the lives of these men model for us a total reliance on God, even in the midst of questioning. In my opinion nurse Evers stayed with the men because she felt that God had sent her to be with them and that she owed them for knowing what was happening to them and not saying anything. I think if she had just taken a moment a lot sooner than she did and thought about what she was being asked to do and asked more questions things could have been a lot different for those men.  
If I put myself in the place of Nurse Ever; I would have told the men after the first year that they were not receiving the treatment. I would have sent off for that new job and left Alabama. From watching the movie and reading about the experiment at Wikipedia.org/Tuskegee _syphilis _experiment, I found out that the doctors in the experiment changed and the only thing that was a constant to the men was Nurse Evers. See if she had quit, the study would have ended. Its stated in the reading that by 1950 only eighteen years after the study began that she was pivotal to the study because she had so much personal knowledge of the men.
I would have told those men what was going on because I don’t feel that any human, being a doctor or anyone else has the right to toy   with someone else’s life weather it’s for the greater good or not. I feel that a person should have a say in certain aspects of their own life. I’m willing to bet that if they had told some of the men that this was an experiment and that they would give them a few pennies to work with them they would have agreed to doing so. They would have thought they were doing something really good for their people and figured they were getting a little money in return so why not.
There are things that Nurse...

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