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Life is very tough for everyone, if it’s not one thing it’s another problem in life that is wrong. My favorite life quote is, when life throws you lemons make lemonade. That quote is saying ,“Do not let situations get you down”. Jesus did not promise us that life would be a bed of roses, but also remember He said, “ If he brought us to the situation, he will bring us through it. Trails and Tribulations will always come our way, they are basically apart of life, but when they come your way you have to have cofidence in yourself that you know you can get out of it no matter what. Stress will make your situation worst then it is, and were all too blessed to be stressed . I just take the best out of a bad situation and keep on going like nothing ever happened, that is the only way anyone can ever get through life. Also another way this quote help me in life is when school can be very stressful at times, but I do not give up cause I know God will make a way for me, and it is just preparing me for the life of college. The last way this quote is useful to me in my life is when, the devil always tries to push me to do the wrong thing’s in life against what God want me to do, but I have to be very careful cause he will try to trap us up in his traps. When life give you lemons just make lemonade, in other words just pray about it and ask God what you need to do, Nobody not nobody can ever get through a situation without asking god to lead them in the right

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