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A Scene on Reality Everyone experiences times where the routine of adult life can seem over whelming. The thought of drifting back into his/her childhood often seems to be an escape from the reality of responsibilities adult life brings. In Katherine Mansfield short story “Miss Brill”, an elderly lady named Miss Brill chose to re-explore her childhood. A harsh reality is being covered up by Miss Brill’s productive imagination but is shortly going to be nothing more than ruins. Comments from a young couple caused Miss Brill to end her weekly fantasy, recognize reality, and descend into depression. Miss Brill’s weekly “play” rudely came to an end. An offensive comment made Miss Brill feel uncomfortable while enjoying her time at the park. “Why does she come here at all—who wants her” (13) said the boy. This allowed time for Miss Brill to think to herself. The couple was still confused. The girl glanced at the older lady with an ill face. Then she stated, “It’s her fur which is so funny” (14). The old fur is used to symbolize Miss Brill as a person. This hurt Miss Brill’s feelings. When someone talks about her fur, that comment is coming directly towards her. Miss Brill continued to sit there and ease drop on what else the young couple had to say. “Ah, be off with you!” the boy finally said (15). That was the rudest comment she had ever encountered as she was on her Sunday journey. She was so offended that she got up from the bench she was sitting on and ran home. As she ran home she didn’t care for any of her usual desires that she would normally pick up at the end of her trip. She just wanted to be alone. The criticism that Miss Brill had encountered brought her back to reality. Miss Brill was so lonely that she imagined the Sunday setting as a play and even spoke to herself. “Yes, I have been an actress for a long time.” (10)

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