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Case Study: Ryanair MGT an Intro Ch.1 pg. 5,17,21 • What functions is Ryanair Performing? Ryanair is aimed to serve a group of flyers who wanted a functional and efficient service, rather than luxury. • What did ‘management’ contribute to the growth of the airline? Management used the fall in air traffic to their advantage by serving the needs of a new niche market, people who want basic service at a good fair, not luxury. They accomplished this by cutting cost and raising efficiency using a single fleet, secondary airports, and fast turnarounds. Also, they simplified operations and cut cost, such as cleaning crews and some amenities. • Identify three points at which managers changed what the organization does and how it works. It changed its business strategy several times, finally deciding to serve a group of flyers who wanted a functional and efficient service, rather than luxury. 1. They quickly took advantage of the new sweep of airlines in a previously dominated market, opening new routes between Dublin and continental Europe. 2. They were quick to spot the great potential of the internet, establishing It now sells most of its seats this way. • In what ways has the business environment affected the development of Ryanair? As the business environment changes and more competition enters the market, Ryan air must decide how they will cut expenditures while increasing assets. This becomes increasingly hard as fuel prices rise and the economy forces people to search for the most affordable travel. Having previously been established as an economically friendly airline could work to their advantage. • What specific tasks do you expect managers at Ryanair would be performing under each of the headings…? Planning- Forecasting the future trends of both the cost of flight, in particularly the price of fuel and

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