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Introduction. In the design of our latest project “The Universal House” we were trying to achieve a naturalistic style of the space. It was a pleasure working on the design of this house. The location of the site gives the inspiration to the whole design ideas. The house is set on more than 2 acres of beautiful uphill land that opens a gorgeous view to Edwards Gardens which is a botanical garden. It is a former Estate garden featuring perennials and roses on the uplands and wildflowers, and an extensive rockery on one of the sides that lead to the West Don River. In order for our design to be able to suit the whole glory of the nature outside of our habitat; we needed to explore our creativity to be able to transfer the beauty of outside nature into inner walls of the house. We were able to achieve that through using natural materials with a combination of greens in order to give homeowners the sense of everlasting spring. Main Body. Upon entering the house your eyes are being immediately drawn to the stunning water feature that completely reflects the water fountain located just outside of the building. As soon as you will be able to tear off your sight from this miracle of architect’s hands, you can take off your jacket and continue heading straight into the main part of the house. As you can see the whole floor starting from foyer, kitchen and until pool area are covered in polished concrete. Fortunately you don’t get the feeling of coldness and simplicity of this rough building material. Not only that this floor can be heated from inside, also the paradise sandy colour and slick look that was transferred into this material gives you a feeling of warm cleanliness of the space. Concrete not only esthetically transforms the space, it is also a very durable and easy to maintain material, especially at the places where you can find the most mess and water-

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