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Market size ; HP today announced that it has achieved a first place ranking in worldwide software license revenue in the overall distributed performance and availability management software market for 2003, according to collected data The analyst firm reported that HP Open View management software realized 23.5 percent market share in the category, which represents 26.6 percent growth over 2002 and is almost double that of each of the next two closest competitors. Swot Analysis SWOT Analysis tool provides a structure for analyzing the internal strengths and Weaknesses of an organization, along with any external opportunities and threats it faces. Identifying and analysing these four elements enables you to better understand the environmental conditions within that organization. A SWOT analysis provides an overall view of the organization This analysis is an ideal way to engage your team and get their assessment of a business. The output of this process ties directly to their ability to identify quick wins. The following tables identify common organizational strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and threats s strengths s Weaknesses * Competitive and cost advantages Deteriorating competitive advantage * Proper processes Low profitability * Strong products, services, and brand Lack of managerial depth and talent * Skilled leadership Lack of key competencies * Competent workforce Internal operating problems * Access to timely information An unclear strategic direction * Proven track record Limited product and service offerings * High customer satisfaction and loyal Poor brand recognition * Strengths Weaknesses Ea

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