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Holistic Approach For Global Health Mental Health is a big part of nursing. It drives the healing process. Many people have different beliefs in the healing process. Religious, spiritual leaders, and traditional healers have always been important stakeholders in mental health, they have existed in West and East for a long time. The two tradition ways of healing should be co-operated In order to get “holistic therapy”. In the past, religious and mental health was characterized by suspicion and conflict. Religious and traditional ways are not contradictory, but complementary. Especially when used with one another. Religious communities have a unique and essential contributions that enriched the positive of mental health, by bringing values, meanings, and relatedness to the spirit that permeates existence. In other countries, traditional healers play a big part in mental health care. They can work close with psychiatrist. The healers can be an important part in getting the patient motivated, assess medical services, and above all prescribe treatment. Both is for a person to heal. Different cultures use different types of traditions to help deal with mental health. As nurses we should be familiar with most common types of cultures and there traditions that we will be in contact with. This will help adhere to prescribe treatment and help in increasing awareness and reducing stigma. Mental Health policies should not be based exclusively on medical models, but on the socio-cultural and religious dimensions. References Indian J. Med. (2008). Prince M. Introducing the movement for global mental health Ali OM, Milstein G. (2005). The Imam’s role in meeting the counseling needs of Muslim communities in the United States Incayawar, M, Wintrob, R. (2009). Psychiatrists and

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