In Mrs Tilscher's Class

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In the poem 'In Mrs Tilscher's Class' Carol Ann Duffy vividly portrays the chnage from childhood to adolesence. She does this through effective word choice, imagery and the use of sensory language. At the beginnng of the poem the author describes her last year at primary school. She effectively portrays how happy she was and how much she enjoyed going to school. As the poet goes on she brings in an element of doubt and implies how life is not always going to be easy. The first two stanzas describe the writer's time in her primary seven class. The language Duffy uses reflects the happy, secure atmosphere of a primary school. The classroom is shown as a fun place to be. This is shown by the way Mrs Tilscher teaches her lessons. "Mrs Tilscher chated the scenery. Tana. Ethiopia. Khartoum. Aswan. " This shows how the poet's teacher involves her pupils by singing to them, whilst the children followed the route during their geography lesson. The author conveys this line effectively by the use of full stops. This indicates the mimicking of the teacher's voice. The poet used effective imagery to describe the different activites she remembers. "That for an hour, then a skittle of milk" By using this metaphor she gives the idea of the shape of the milk bottles. As well as this it implies an element of fun. It lets the reader imagine the bottles lined up like skittles in a bowling alley. Duffy also describes how pupils enjoyed themselves at school through effective use of personification. "The laugh of a bell, swung by a running child" This gives the impression the children were happy and energetic. I think it shows how the children were always amused and had something to keep them busy. In addition she describes the classroom as bright and colourful. She describes the scenery she could remember. "Sugar paper. Coloured shapes." By using these phrases
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