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Impact International College (Health and Social Care) UNIT 13: MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES IN HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE INTRODUCTION In effective organisations, staff have been practicing good performance management naturally all their lives, executing proper conduct well. Goals are set and work is planned routinely. Progress toward a certain goal is measured and carefully deliberated and employees get feedback. High standards are set, but care is also taken to develop the skills needed to reach them. 1.1 Four Factors for Planning Recruitment Successful selection of individuals lies under the different factors on how you will conduct the recruitment process. Being involved in the process, everything should be well planned, well-discussed, well-suited, and well managed before the recruitment will start. First Factor that we should consider in recruitment is Succession Planning which can be broadly defined as identifying future potential leaders to fill key positions (CIPD, 2010). Potential employees in the organisation offered variety of opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and abilities to prepare them for a more challenging role. Domestic cleaner or those who are in the laundry for instance, are given the chance to be part in the selection of health care assistants. Secondly, recruitment takes place because of the changes in the organisation, policy, service user, work roles, and local circumstances. If the home expanded and puts additional service users and equipments, then there will be an in need of additional healthcare assistants. Here you may consider the importance of human resource requirements which includes the job description, person specification like the experience qualifications and personal attributes of applicant. In job description, it should be clearly and concisely written what specific roles and tasks the job

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