Mrs Dubose Essay

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Mrs. Dubose, a sick, old lady may not be one whose courage shows on her exterior. This woman often criticized Jem and Scout and other children who passed the porch where she was confined. Mrs. Dubose suffered as a morphine-addict, whose pain-killers often led her to say nasty things to the children about anything she could think up, mostly about their father being a nigger-lover. She would also tell Scout that she shouldn’t be wearing overalls, and should dress like a lady. Her fits could be described as reaching out for attention, and fighting against the sickness that was slowly breaking down her system, however; it was also the medicine that put her in such pain and caused her to strike out at others. Despite this, Atticus believed her to be a wonderful lady, who chose to leave this world beholden to nothing and nobody. He treated her wonderfully, which Scout thought was very brave! Mrs. Dubose wanted to die free, without being in debt to anyone. This she did, and even gave Jem a final parting gift after he had tried to ruin her flower garden in his blind rage. Mrs. Dubose held her own opinions, and according to these, she died without owing anything to anyone. To Atticus she was the bravest person he ever knew. This could show someone that sometimes courage lays within you, in a place where physical strength is not a factor, and where mental strength is what proves to be the real fearlessness that one should strive

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