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Mrs. Doubtfire Essay

  • Submitted by: Mark2
  • on October 26, 2011
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ENGL 102.003
August 25, 2011
One Man
Among the multitude of issues that affect us every day, Americans have long debated the effects of and reasons for differing gender roles. In Mrs. Doubtfire, a comedy of 1993, it shows how a regular family of San Francisco turns to the worst. With the parents being divorced the troubles between the two affected the children through their school work, and social activities, making life hard on them. The father moved out and was forced to make a better living habit in order to see his children more often than he does. One major theme is family and how changing your appearances can make a difference. The father took a step that no other man that I know would take to see his children.
The father of the awesome film took a step that no other man would take.   Daniel Hilliard played by Robin Williams dress himself as a woman and took the position as the house keeper at his children’s home.   A scene which should family is where Daniel was using the bathroom dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire but used it as a man. After his son walked in on him, he told his son(Chris) and his eldest daughter(Lydia). Once after they knew who Mrs. Doubtfire was they didn’t tell their mother. This means they still loved their father to keep this secret so they can still feel like a family by seeing him every day.

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