Mrs Birlings Envolvment In The Inspector Calls Essay

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Mrs. Birling in “The Inspector calls” The audience’s first impression is that Mrs. Birling is a good women, whom only respects her family and the Crofts, no one else, she demonstrates that she is upper class compared to the servant, so she doesn’t want Arthur to even compliment lower working class, and is not in favor of Mrs. Birling complimenting the servant, “Absolutely first class” Mrs. Birling really puts her family reputation first by not letting her husband speak to low working class people she resents being around lower class people and truly is stuck up. Mrs. Birling views social classes are that she is too good for and is high up in the league to even talk to social classes the way she has been bought up. As the play goes on Mrs Birling character changes becoming bossy.; for example she demands Sheila to be quite and not involved in the situation. When Mrs Birling meets the inspector, the first thing she says is “I don’t think we can help you with much”, when she hasn’t even listened to what the inspector has to say. Instantly after, Sheila tells her mother that she feels “that she will be afraid and ashamed after hearing the story” but Mrs Birling dismisses Sheila’s statement shows that she doesn’t feel sorry for anyone, and blames the whole incident on the helpless woman, Eva. Through out the play, it seems that Mrs. Birling still thinks everything is the girls fault and decides that she has nothing to do with the girl’s death. Sybil is known to be irresponsible and childish after refusing to help a helpless woman because she had used the Birling’s name and was telling ‘lies’ about her husband leaving her and giving her stolen money but refusing to take it. Instead she blames it all on the husband who is responsible for Eva’s unborn
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