Mrs. Alfred Uruguay

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Analyze the poem, Mrs. Alfred Uruguay by Wallace Stevens. There are some tricky conflicts of characterizing men and women from the poem written by Wallace, Mrs. Alfred Uruguay. We can see the concept vividly from these three specific terms of “capable”, “imagined”, and “elegance”. At the beginning of first paragraph, the lady, Mrs. Alfred Uruguay, who is the persona has the tolerant and tough characteristics. She said, “I fear the elegance must struggle like the rest ( line 3)” and “ I have said no to everything, in order to get at myself(line 6). ” Her self consciousness is very strong that shows she can desist any sexual implications and have a persistent spirit to refuse what she doesn’t like. As a perfect lady, “elegance” seems to have been an immortal personality on female. But we are hardly to apply elegance into Mrs. Alfred Uruguay. Second, from the third paragraph, there’s a paradox, “capable imagination” describes the most important concept of this poem. Is it a figure of woman’s imagination? When the moonlight faded away and the sun light shone on, the man who signifies the positive, bright and capable image appears to make the world real. It is a contradictory idea exists in “capable imagination.” If a capable man is divine as a God makes everything real, it denies that a woman has said no to everything (line 6) who wished faithfully for a falsifying bell( line 15), a person who rather believed in the imagined faith. Here we can make a small conclusion that men are real and capable but women are the creations of imagination. Nevertheless, the other clue of this poem gives us an obvious evidence. From the last lines, “Eventual victor, out of the martyr’s bones/ The ultimate elegance: the imagined land.” It demonstrates the elegance is unchangeable principle that elegance nurses everything alive. And how come the lady, Mrs. Alfred Urugay you say no
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