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Marketing Mix Analysis Hydra Properties is part of the Royal Group of companies Based in Abu Dhabi. It is a fast growing developer ever seen, within two years it becomes a big and well know property developer all over the world. This growth and success is specially based on a good marketing strategy that was followed. People think Development Marketing is all about putting an advert in the paper, designing a brochure and following up the agents ... I don't think Products: Hydra Properties delivers the latest concepts in state-of-the-art living. Driven by a passion for excellence, Hydra Properties is the name behind some of the most prestigious residential and business developments in the UAE. Hydra Properties utilizes its professional expertise to manage projects from end to end including land purchase, appointment of award-winning architects, execution and monitoring of projects with contractors and follow-up to final handover. The processes and practices that are followed are in line with world standards. Hydra Properties is renowned for its ability to provide superior product value. They provide their customers with various properties including; town houses, luxurious apartment and modern commercial offices surrounded by green areas. They also develop the notion of “Smart homes” in one of their important and first project which is Hydra Village in Abu Dhabi. The properties “ product itself” is designed by excellent and competent to build some unique projects. Price When it comes to money, and setting the price; Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim has a simple rule, any development he takes he has to get 30% ROI. Thinking this way, he think about the fluctuation of the construction materials so 30% gives enough margin of errors to get a good return on the project as a whole. Communication Hydra is always thinking about building a brand. This

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