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Goodwill Industries – Marketing to a variety of customer types Assignment Objectives 1. Learn to recognize the various types of customers a company may have. 2. Understand what creates value for different customers. 3. Appreciate how consumer buying behavior may vary by type of customer. 4. Recognize how changes in the marketing environment affect a company’s marketing efforts. 5. Recognize how a company using marketing tools to appeal to its various customers. 6. Demonstrate effective writing skills. Course Concepts 1. Creating and Capturing Customer Value (Chapter 1) 2. Analyzing the Marketing Environment (Chapter 3) 3. Characteristics affecting Consumer Behavior (Chapter 5) Overview Since 1902, Goodwill Industries has funded job training and placement programs through its chain of thrift stores. While selling used clothing, furniture, and other items may not seem like big business, for Goodwill, it amounts to over $3 billion in annual sales. You might think of thrift stores as musty, low-class operations. But Goodwill is putting an end to such perceptions by focusing on concepts of consumer behavior. Like any good marketing company, Goodwill recognizes that not all customers are the same. This video demonstrates how Goodwill caters to different types of customers by recognizing the cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors that affect how customers make buying decisions. In this manner, Goodwill is able to maximize customer value by offering the right mix of goods at unbeatable bargains. Your Task You will be demonstrating that you understand the above- ‐noted course concepts by applying them to the Goodwill Video Case Study

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