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In What Ways Do Characters Represent Important Messages & Values? In Sweet Sixteen, the messages and values are based mainly around family, as shown at the equilibrium stage of the film, which is when Liam declines to smuggle drugs in to the prison and give them to his Mum. This shows us that even though, his Stan when he was speaking to him in the car seemed to intimidate him in to passing the drugs over, Liam was thinking about his Mum in the back of his mind and when it came down to passing the drugs, he didn’t want his Mum to get in to even more trouble because of something that Stan organised. That being said, Liam does, later on in the film, turn to dealing drugs and almost murdering a man, this can be attributed to the fact that he wants to buy the caravan for when his Mum gets out of prison, which, for us as an audience can be taken two ways. One being that we will think that it’s a sweet gesture and even though Liam is stealing and dealing drugs, we can forgive him because he is doing a fairly harmless job in order to buy something lovely for his Mum, so we sympathise with Liam and understand why he is committing these crimes. The second way of seeing this is that what Liam doing is downright wrong and contradicts his values that we saw at the start of the film. Liam has gone from being completely against the exchange of drugs, to becoming very skilled at it through multiple trades in a short space of time, for us as an audience, this may seem really stupid and we may start to get the idea that Liam has double standards, being that it’s ok for him to sell drugs on the street and down back alleys, but it’s not ok to smuggle drugs to his Mum when she is in prison to help her out whilst she’s in there, this could show that Liam is confused and doesn’t really know what to do and is just acting out of impulse and making snap decisions, which then hints

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