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DEPENDENCY THEORY Dependency on media is social and personal Social: Media plays important role in economic and industrial activities Provides job to million people International market growth Increase industrial growth PERSONAL; Media plays with the opinion of people and makes their way to look things in their own benefit It provides channels of communication, education, information and entertainment e.t.c NEGATIVE ASPECT; Create inferiority complex among social classes. Promote non cultural values Discretionary used of media powers to mould the mindset of audience. Vulgarism and several tricks to increase the disparity among masses POSITIVE ASPECT; Awareness among masses regarding their rights True implementation of law and order Accountability of incumbents. Business to business information International updates e.t.c MAGIC BULLET THEORY Everyone receives information through mass media and not through one to one communication or interaction with one another. Reaction to media message is determined by each individual separately, not through interaction with others. But different kind of people selects different kinds of contents from the media and interprets them in different ways. RESPONDING TO MEDIA THEORY The reaction of individuals to media messages can be divided into 3 categories. Individual difference approach Social category approach Social relationship approach INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCE APPROACH Each one us has unique qualities that result in our reacting differently to media to media messages. These unique qualities based upon attitude, belief, interaction, values, beliefs and other psychological attributes of an individual. It also depends upon one’s selective exposure, perception and retention etc. SOCIAL CATEGORY APPROACH Societies have complex social classes based on income and education etc. Masses are

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