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Devon Bain 3-24-09 Government B1 Movie Questions The movie titled Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starts with a governor named Hubert Hopper is informed of of the death of a Senator from his state, and is given the immediate task of selecting a new senator for the remainder of his term. The task is skewed from honesty early on as Hubert reports directly to a man named Jim Taylor, a corrupt man capable of pulling the strings of the government, and is told to pick an easily manipulated simpleton. As the result of pressures in his household, Hubert selects Jefferson Smith, who runs a scout program for young boys in his home state. After an introduction to Senator Joseph Paine, a friend of Smith's father who is secretly under Taylor's control, Smith is rushed to Washington to take his seat in the senate. Fairly early on, Smith is introduced to his secretary, a critical woman named Clarissa Saunders who for the beginning of his term considered him nothing more than a rookie who didn't belong. As the story unwinds and Smith attempts to buckle down and introduce his own bill with help from Saunders, he uncovers a corrupted link in the government of the country he loved so dearly as he finds his own associate, Joseph Paine had introduced a bill to turn Willet Creek into a dam, which would result in the profit of the man who owns that land, Jim Taylor, and all else involved. In an attempt to speak out and keep this bill from passing, Senator Paine rises and accuses Smith of using his own bill for his own profit. At this accusation, evidence was forged and used in attempt to incriminate Smith, and was believed by a majority and when Smith was asked his defense, he stormed out of the room in disgust. He is later found by Ms. Saunders, who convinced him to run a filibuster on the Willet Creek Bill and prove his innocence. Upon

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