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If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed. FACULTY OF NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND AGRICULTURE. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS AND DEVELOPMENT. AGRI-BUSINESS LAW (AGED 201) MODULE. Facitator: Canaan Rushizha. Dip. Agric: ACIS: M.Sc.Agric. Dev. MBA. Objective of the module. To provide basic appreciation of principles of law and how this appreciation may be applied for enhancing quality decisions making to the potential and challenges in the agricultural sector relative to Zimbabwean agri-business environment. Module outline 1.Introduction: Definition of law, Sources of law. Persons. 2.Principles of law: Contract law. Purchase and sale, Leasing and hiring of property, Law of agency. 3.Application in the context of Zimbabwean Agri-business sector. Case studies: Production contracts – Cotton, Tobacco, Barley, Out grower schemes - Tea, Sugarcane, and horticulture. Operations – Tillage, Combine harvesting, and transporting. 4. Land tenure systems in Zimbabwe. 5. Labor law : Code of conduct, Agricultural Labor Bureau (ALB) References: An introduction to law – D.A.Reynolds and J.A Russell (1983) Government Printers Harare. Wille’s Principles of South African Law- J.T.R. Gibson (1981) 7th edition Juta&Co. Commercial Law of Zimbabwe – Purchase and sale- Peter Volpe (1982) Zimbabwe Law Journal Mercantile law – Dennis Keenan (1988) Pitman An introduction to Zimbabwean Law – Lovemore Madhuku (2010) Weaver Press. Land Law – Kate Green (1993) 2nd edition The MacMillan Press Ltd. Workplace discipline- a practitioners handbook – I. Machingura (2009) Brylee Printers. Contract Law – Chris Turner (2008) Hodder & Stroughton Key facts Land Law – Judith Bray (2003) 2 nd edition Hodder Arnold. Land Law – Text and materials - Nigel P Gravells (2000) 2nd edition Sweet & Maxwell. Business Law
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