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Project Integration Management Process Develop Project Charter Input - Contract(if applicable) - Statement Of Work (SOW) - Enterprise Environmental Factors - Organizations Process Assets - Business Case Tools and Techniques -Expert Judgment Output -Project Charter Notes Project Selection Methods 1- Benefit Measurement Methods a. Economic Models b. Scoring Models c. Comparative Approach d. Benefit Contribution e. Murder Board 2- Constrained Optimization Methods a. Linear b. Non-Linear c. Dynamic d. Integer e. Multi-objective algorithms -PM Plan is Formal, single document, approved (becomes officially the project plan. It defines how project is executed and controlled. Scope, schedule, and Cost, Change, and Configuration Management plans are created in this process and are part of the PM plan - Scope Management plan is developed here as well -Change Requests: 1.Corrective Actions 2.Preventive Actions 3.Defect Repair 4.Updates Develop Project Management Plan -Project Charter -Outputs from Planning Processes -EEF/OPA -Expert judgment -PM Plan Direct and Manage Project execution -PM Plan -Approved Change Requests -EEF/OPA -Expert Judgment -PMIS -Deliverables -Work Performance Information -Change Requests -PM Plan updates -Project Document updates -Change Requests -PM Plan updates -Project Document updates -Change request status updates -PM Plan updates -Project document updates -Final Product, Service, or Result transition -OPA updates Monitor and Control Project work -PM Plan -Performance Reports -EEF/OPA -PM Plan -Work Performance Information -Change Requests -EEF/OPA -PM Plan -OPA -Accepted Deliverables(come from verify scope) -Expert Judgment Perform Integrated Change Control -Expert Judgment -Change Control meetings -Changes may be requested by any stakeholder Close Project or Phase -Expert Judgment

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