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Selecting My Project: While carrying out a workplace survey, I noticed my colleague’s had put working with chemicals as a high priority but working with oil and diesel as a low priority. So I decided to make them aware and improve their knowledge on diesels, dusts and also oils, and how they can be harmful to skin and cause diseases. Also how diesel and oil can be a carcinogenic if not used with the correct P.P.E. Consultation with other course members: During my time on the course I’ve managed to speak to other members and share my project idea, in return I have had excellent feedback and also found out their views on my project idea. On our course we had an activity to discuss in our groups idea’s about our project and nobody is in the same industry as I am, so everybody thought it was a great idea and were intrigued, many in the group were not aware of the dangers working with diesel’s and oil’s. Consultation with union members: My union members helped me pick my Improvement project by filling out surveys I took as part of my research they were all very helpful and I got no negative feedback and 95% of members asked returned my surveys filled in I was very pleased with the results too it directed me towards my improvement project as results from the survey suggested not all the members are aware of the dangers of oils and diesels only 3 said they think they are at danger with them and I asked at-least 12 people who work with oils and diesels(See graph below for survey results). Dangers I brought to my members attention As well as doing my project I also designed a leaflet (below) through publisher to promote the dangers of working with/around diesels oils and dusts as my workplace all have them dangers/working conditions. To get the leaflet around rather than try and give it to each individual personally I decided to put a leaflet in each
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