Mr Pip Essay

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Analyse how the beginning of a text created a strong impression of at least one character or individual. In the novel Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones the beginning of the text created a strong impression of Mr Watts. His looks, his actions and his skin colour are all very different to those of the villagers. He is an outcast in their village and appears to be “as mad as a goose. “Everyone called him Popeye”. This is the first sentence of the text and already we get the impression that Mr Watts is seen as different. He is given this nickname because his large eyes stuck out of his head quite far, and also his eyes “were too interested in what lay ahead” as he never looked at the villagers who were staring. Also no one ever “saw him smile”. This gives the impression that the villagers not only thought he looked strange but that behind his eyes and blank face was someone that they thought had “seen or known great suffering and hadn’t been able to forget it”. Hardly any of the villagers had ever spoken to him and because his first impression makes you think he is weird they all avert their eyes as he walks down the street. Whilst he walks down the street he pulls a rope attached to a trolley on which his wife stands. She looks “like an ice queen” with her straightened hair that is different from all the villagers crinkled hair and looks “very proud”. Mr Watts sometimes wears a red clown nose whilst doing this. This combined act makes them seem crazy. “For the younger kids the sight consisted only of a white man towing a black woman” but the older kids “sensed a bigger story”. There was a bigger story, about how Mrs Watts is trapped in The Queen of Sheba role and Mr Watts rein acts it for her. This is like nothing the villagers have ever witnessed before and it is not unexpected that they find it strange. They do not understand the weird act as they know nothing about Mr
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