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Case study - Mr Lusk, age 78 Mr Lusk is a 78 year old retired farmer who recently moved into an apartment in a large continuing care retirement village so he and his wife could continue to live independently near their two children and families. Mr Lusk has just been admitted to the medical ward of the community hospital for observation overnight after an incident where he was found wandering after missing for two days in the state forest close to the retirement village. Physical exam reveals a pleasant, cooperative, and well-groomed male. His blood pressure is 130/80 and pulse 80, his respiratory rate is 16 and he is afebrile. Mr Lusk has a ten-year history of hypertension, congestive heart failure, and cataracts. He has no history of psychiatric illness or alcohol/ substance abuse. By his wife's report, Mr Lusk has a history of progressive memory loss over the last five years, and has had a decline in his ability to perform daily tasks. He is unable to perform complex household tasks, shopping, or walking in familiar neighbourhoods without getting lost. He still performs his basic activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene, dressing, and preparing simple meals. Mr Lusk’, mental status exam, reveals deficits, in orientation, memory, insight, judgment and language skills. Answer the following: 1. Discuss the deficits Mr Lusk has presented with. Orientation, memory, insight, judgement and language skills 2. What investigations would help to confirm a medical diagnosis of Dementia? 3. Define Dementia? Dementia isn't a disease on it's own, rather it is more a group of symptoms that impair brain function. Alzheimer's is a common cause of dementia. It is progressive which means it will gradually get worse. (page 1680 brown). The brain is affected enough that it interferes with a persons normal social behaviour and working

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