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Risk Mitigation Plan Objective: Strategic planning workshop at Yarra Valley Winery Risk |Possible Outcomes |Impact |Probability |Consult With? |Mitigation Strategy |Revise Operational Plan | |Managers who have identified as having problems with alcohol are forced to attend function at a winery |Lost time from workplace due to stress Potential litigation against firm if attendance is mandated |Major |Possible |Legal Employees Management |No alcohol served during meetings Alternatives to alcohol served at dinner/functions No informal activities involving alcohol such as wine tasting, to be scheduled as events |Yes | |Expenses incurred outweigh productivity of meeting |Lack of attendance Full 20 persons charged for meeting is lack of value for money if attendance is low |Moderate |Likely |CEO Management |Identify threshold number of attendees required to attend for strategic planning workshop to proceed as planned |Yes | |Employees become affected by alcohol |Lack of productivity due to inebriation of employees Workplace safety concerns raised due to condoned use of alcohol at a workplace event |Moderate |Unlikely |Legal Management Venue Staff |No alcohol served during business hours Free (company paid for) alcohol only provided with meals Employees to pay for any additional alcohol consumed RSA practices to be adhered to by venue staff |No | |Unresolved tensions between employees at meeting |Lack of productivity/cooperation working towards new common goals Deliberate sabotage of meeting |Moderate |Possible |CEO Management |Implement a number of smaller meetings prior to strategic planning meeting Have CEO or delegate with knowledge of the merger conduct presentation at the smaller meetings |No | | Identified risks listed in order of priority (highest to lowest) 1) Risk: Managers who

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