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Introduction The globalization of medical procedures is a direct result of the decline in trade barriers and advancement in technology. Additionally, the shortage of radiologist and their expensive salaries facilitated the globalization of medical procedures. Other trends that have facilitated the outsourcing of medical procedures are excessive medical cost and insurance premiums. Because of the decline in trade barriers and excessive medical cost the U.S. economy has benefited from the outsourcing of medical services. By outsourcing medical services the U.S. has been able to save money and process paperwork quicker. The idea of medical procedures outside the United States a decade ago was unheard-of, but it is rapidly occurring today. The removal of trade barriers and the advancement of telecommunication technology have facilitated the movement of Globalization health care. According to Hill (2013), “the three largest recipient countries of American patients are Mexico (due to its proximity), India (where 450,000 were treated in 2007), and Singapore (where more than 400,000 were treated in 2007, and where the local medical schools are considered to be among the very best in the world). Costs in these countries generally run from 20 to 35 percent of those in the United States” (p. 43). During the 2000’s there was a shortage of radiologist in the United States. Universities could not graduate students fast enough to support the demands of the health care business. The lack of radiologists, their expensive salaries, and technological advancement have made outsourcing of medical work possible in recent years. The internet has made it possible to rapidly transmit large amounts of data to countries such as India and Singapore where the information can be processed quickly and returned. Plus, because of the time difference information can be submitted

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