Mr Kleinman´S Cat (Notes) Essay

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Title, Year of publicationAuthor | Mr. Kleinman’s Cat by Sylvia Haymon, 1982 | Genre | Short story | Theme | Postwar syndrome, traumatized survivor from Holocaust. | Summary/OutlineTime, place, characters, points of conflict that the story revolves around, (Point of no return, change/the new situation) | Time: late 1970sPlace: in Notting Hill outside LondonCharacters: Mr K, Mrs Fortescue, the two kidnappers. | Analysis | | Point of view, narrator, symbols | 3rd person narrator | Characterization of the main characters | Mr. Kleinman: Traumatized survivor from Holocaust. Lives in poverty and sickness because he is unwilling to fill in forms – he has been ever since he filled in the form which caused he’s family to be killed by Nazis during World War 2. Doesn’t interact with other people, has no friends. The only joy in his life is his cat, Timmy. The two kidnappers: Uneducated, unintelligent thugs who believe that Mr. Kleinman must be very rich since he is a Jew, and therefore rob him of his pension by threatening to kill his beloved cat. | Author and Narrator: Author: * Sylvia Haymon, 1917-1995 * Daughter of a Jewish master tailor (jewish like Mr. Kleinman) * Married in 1933 with Mark Haymon * Became a freelance writer in 1960 and it was when she began writing books. Narrator: * Objective narrator with background knowledge of Mr. Kleinman * The narrator type: Limited omniscient narrator Transcript of Mr Kleinman's cat Made by: Tubbe - Rasmus - Kruse Mr Kleinman's cat Characters involved (6) What do we learn about the characters? Introduction of the characters? Development of the characters Introduction or in medias res? Chronological order? Flashback Relations between characters Open or closed ending? Predictable/unpredictable, expected/unexpected Effect of the ending? First person or third

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