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Mr Jones is bought into the emergency department by ambulance after a motor bike accident. His left femur bone is obviously fractured mid-shaft and the broken bone fragment is visible externally. The Ambulance officer estimated a 1 litre blood loss from the fracture site. On examination the doctor notes that he also has a distended abdomen. 1) The emergency nurse records the vital signs on his chart. Please review Mr Jones’s chart, list the vital signs on admission and identify the signs that are abnormal. Use the correct terminology to describe each abnormality. (50-100 words) Answer: When evaluating Mr Jones Charts i can see that his respiratory rate is increasing and becoming tachypnea , His BP has dropped dangerously low becoming hypertensive and needs urgent attention, Mr Jones O2 flow rate is all so on the increase meaning the need for extra oxygen, heart rate is increasing becoming tachycardia. (Marieb, 2012) Based on the case history, identify the type of fracture that has occurred. What is the first stage of bone repair? (100-150 words) Answer: Mr Jones has occurred a compound fracture (Marieb, 2012) this is a fracture where the bone has penetrated the skin, In this situation the 1st stage of bone repair would be to to do an open reduction where the bone can be secured back into position and if need be held together with the use of pins. The wound is then closed and dressed with a plaster cast and immobilized to heal . This is when the he stages of healing would have all ready started when the bone was firstly fractured starting with the forming of hematoma. The doctor has ordered a plain X-ray of Mr Jones’ femur and a CT scan of his abdomen 2) Outline the preparation required to transfer Mr Jones to the radiology department for these tests. Include the following aspects in your answer: a. Documentation and forms required b.

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