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Name: j k SOC-3100 – Identities that make up my life 1. Student 2. Son 3. Employee 4. Age: young men 5. Latino, Hispanic,(Spanish) 6. Middle class 7. Gender : Man 8. Construction worker (Electrician) 9. Gender, sex, sexual identity (Male) 10. Religious identity (Catholic) I choose to explain my Latino, Hispanic or Spanish identity. Because I move to New York 8 years ago from colombia were I was born and rise. And now here in USA I am label, identity or categorized as a Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish person because that is the way people recognize me. My background is a bit more complicated than it seems in my perspective point of view. In the good way been Latino I am known as a hard worker and most of the restaurants that I had worked, for the position of been a busboy is a plus to be Latino as I figured out we follow orders better because we grow been listening parents, teachers and adult people as they talk and we take that as been respectful, that is a good quality for been hired in a restaurant. in addition we as Hispanics are the who occupies the most part of the harder jobs that Americans don’t want to do or don’t need to like construction jobs, kitchen jobs, cleaning jobs, etc. . I don’t want to diminish those jobs and I feel proud of my heritage of been a Latino and I work as one as a bus boy in a restaurant that help me with paying my studies. I want to be more educated that’s was I think a Latino have that in their blood aspirations and dreams because our parents, grand parents did have the opportunities we try to accomplish those goals. . in the other hand I feel been Latino is very emphasize on our immigration status that I know a high number of Hispanic doesn’t have their migration status in order so I feel always been address as an immigrant who doesn’t have a

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