Mr. Duvitchs Essay

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Mr. Duvitch is indeed a good father this can be shown by three main actions that he took throughout the book. He works hard for his family providing them with food; he has so little but gives so much away and therefore a positive example for his children; and he puts all of his time and effort into his family. For these three main reasons and many more he is a great father. Firstly, Mr. Duvitch works hard for his family providing them with a source of income and food. This is shown in the story on page 6 when it says “Proudly, oh, so proudly, Mr. Duvitch exhibited the catch that would probably feed his family for the better part of a week: a fine mess of bass, perch and sunfish, all of them alive, as far as I could see, and swimming around in the oaken washtub in which they had been dropped.” This shows that he gives everything to feed his family, is proud of his contribution to his family and will endure endless mosquito bites and the burning sun in order to make his family happy. He also has a difficult full time job that allows him to provide for his family. This is described on page 3 when it says “His job, a rather malodorous one, was with the local rendering plant as a laborer”. This shows that he will sacrifice his enjoyment for his family’s happiness and wellbeing. Secondly he has so little but gives so much. His family is a very poor family that has to work for everything they want or need and at times need to go so far as to take items from the garbage. He shows that he is a great father and a great man by setting an example to his kids to give and expect nothing in return. This can be shown when Mr. Duvitch gives the dad gloves that he found, showing what a thoughtful and generous man he is and a great role model. This can be shown at the end of page 17 “(On a cold snowy afternoon in winter Mr. Duvitch stopped at our house and presented Father (who
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