Mr. Didit Case: Fortinet Scan

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DIDIT CASE CONTROL NUMBER WC456124 MP REPORT CROSS-REFERENCE NUMBER MD54697853152 LABCASE NUMBER MD 459175 On Monday, 4/14/2014, 2:45pm, the Widget Corporation Information Technology Department was doing a normal review of their weekend scans. The Fortinet Scan showed that a large number of band width was being used by Mr. Didit office computer in room 325, on the third floor, of 102 Main Street, La Plata Md, 20616. After the system administrative notice that the Fortinet scan also showed that Mr. Didit had a thumb drive connected to his machine. The system administrative then using dameware to remotely log into his machine without Mr. Didit noticing, started to look at the files that were being transfer. The system administrative saw…show more content…
Helpful of the Human Resource Department regarding violation of company policy and the suspect of child pornography. Mr. Helpful then gave notice to the Security department to have Mr. Didt’s computer seized and brought directly to the IT department. The IT department system Administrative accepted the computer from Security then remove the hard drive and thumb drive from the device. The IT personnel place all information about both item into property log form, and place each device into their own electrostatic bag and closed them with tamper proof tape. Mr. Helpful and the Security department then call the local police department. Charles County Sheriff Office is the local police department and they are located at 325 Crain Hwy, La Plata MD 20646. Lt Le Roy Mason and Sgt Kelvin Jackson went to the Widget Corporation and picked up the devices. Once they got there Lt Le Roy Mason and Sgt Kelvin Jackson both show identification to the security guards and ask to be taken to IT department. Once the office meet with IT personnel they once again show Identification as to who they are, and ask to speak with the person who has the evidence in their custody. The police officers brought with them a black pelican case, that had form cushion…show more content…
Officers Lt Le Roy Mason and Sgt Kelvin Jackson came to our facility on 04/16/2014 at about 4:32pm. They were escort to our department by our security guard, they show us identification as to who they are and explain why they need our services. With them they had a black pelican cases. They open the case and inside where two police standard evidence bags designed for computer evidence, with a different device in each bag. We signed the officers’ chain of custody forms, and began a property and chain of custody form of our own. The device where never taken out of the police standard evidence bags designed for computer evidence, they were place in our secure room in a safe, until a technician was assigned to the

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