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Was the Lambert simnel rebellion a threat to Henry VII? Lambert Simnel presented Henry VII with the first major challenge of his reign. Lambert Simnel, a boy of ten, was used by others to reassert the House of York’s claim to the throne. For Henry VII the problem was simple. If he had failed to assert himself at the first opportunity he had to do so, then the probability was that Henry would fall from power. For henry it was vital he got things right and made good decisions to exclude the threat of this rebellion. The first initial problem Henry had was one he inherited from Richard III the Princes in the Tower. While there was even the slightest doubt that these two boys were dead due to the suspected Richard plot in order for him to gain power. Those who supported the Yorkists always had a chance of finding someone to perhaps challenge Henry VII. The first of these people was Lambert Simnel. Lambert was found by Richard Simons in Oxford. Simnel noticed great similarity between Lambert and Richard of York. However he then changed him to be a look alike for the Earl of Warwick. And therefore they set out to Ireland of which was the capital of Yorkist support. Therefore at this point in time the rebellion liked very serious. Due to the journey too Ireland this obviously meant that that this rebellion was very serious as the idea gained noble support of which is very powerful order for this plan to restore full achievement. Names such as the Earl of Kildare, who was the lord lieutenant in Ireland, claimed Simnel as King Edward VI. Support was also gained by the Duchess of Burgundy of which was the daughter of Edward IV. She sent and army of 2000 men of which lead Ireland to think that they were very powerful and officially crowned simnel king in Ireland in May 1487. Therefore at this point things were looking very grim for Henry, as it looked like the

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