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1. Mr. Achor’s presentation had many important and impressive points. He talks about breaking down what we currently view as happiness and success. There are three important lessons in changing your thinking to positive. a. The ability to consciously shift the way you think in a more positive manner can change a lot of outcomes in your day. b. 90 percent of our long term happiness comes from inside; our internal world. c. You can train your brain to think more positively. Focusing on the good of things and understanding the absence of negativity isn’t positive but you must create positivity yourself. 2. The 90 percent of your long term happiness comes from within. That’s really important to me because I truly believe it. You are the only one who can control your mood, how you feel and how you react to things. You are in control of you. Therefore if you aren’t happy on the inside then it will reflect on the outside. How you are in the work place, with your family and just the everyday environment. Once you have peace within it will radiate out in every aspect of your life. 3. The five strategies are: a. 3 Gratitudes b. Journaling c. Exercise d. Meditation e. Random act of kindness 4. Using all of these strategies would greatly improve my life by providing more happiness in my professional life. Using the five strategies would help me become more positive. Being a student athlete life gets extremely chaotic sometimes and very confusing to the point you feel like you aren’t in control. I think all of the strategies would help but specifically meditation. When you meditate you are able to take a moment to just be still and focused and calm. That would enable me to get my life together and not feel like everything is going so fast. Meditation and journaling would really help with getting everything organized for school and on the court. If I can

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