Mr. Alex Rosamilla Cocaine Case Study

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The suspect is Mr. Alex Rosamilla and he is being charged with transporting 100 kilos of cocaine. Mr. Rosamilla is an African American male and is approximately 5’9 and weighing 230 pounds. Mr. Rosamilla current address is 404 Lindsay Street Statesville, SC. There are several scars that can be helped to identify Mr. Rosamilla. He has a cut on his face and several tattoos that are present on his body. Rosamilla’s is moving around 5-12 ounces of cocaine in small amounts each month. Mr. Rosamilla has been selling cocaine for over a century. We just started watching him over four years ago after we received evidence that he was selling cocaine. The officers have just now built up enough evidence to convict him of selling and transporting
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