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Mr. a Student Essay

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I. Introduction
Boulevard is a beer company and makes unfiltered wheat beer.
a. Advertising
It is advertising the brand in the market city of Topeka, Kansas during the Thanksgiving Day. The main reason of doing this is to boost the general sales of this brand.
b. Focus group
The focus group that they have selected is the Male demographics with their age group of 21 to 44.
II. The research
This research is mainly going to answer the following question:
  a. What are some of the Ways Boulevard brewing company can use to increase the consumption of unfiltered wheat beer to its targeted customers?
III. Hypothesis
The main hypothesis of this research is based on the ways of increasing sale and consumption of this brand of beer in the market. Despite this flooded market structure and a lot of competitors, this does not really matter. The hypothesis will be proposed upon the effectiveness and validity of this brand. The proposed outcome of this study is predicted to be in conjunction to the highly probability of the increased sales and consumption, especially to the age group between 21 and 40 years (Marshall, & Johnston, 2010). It is hopeful that this research will concretize these issues and that solutions will be proposed as well that will address all of these concerns.
IV. Research Methodology
Here we will require coming up with the wants and needs of those male demographics with their age group between the ages of 21 to 44 as required. This will help Topeka have an upper hand over these other brand producers. We need to conduct exploratory research in order to find out their first choices of beer, the brands that these male demographic prefer, and then determine their liking for the Boulevard Beer (Marshall, & Johnston, 2010).
a. Establish a research design
This will give the group the format necessary in order to embark on searching for the research....

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