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Contents page Introduction The authour The book Management styles assessed according to management and communication approaches Lessons from the future Knowledge management The importance of communication Communication amongst staff The roles of leadership Communication with staff The contributions of the book to management practices Other components Conclusion Introduction Management is a complex process with many underlying structures and facets. The following assignment will be based on the book Who moved my cheese. This book highlights various principles that a manager can incorporate into an organisation. Who moved my cheese will be analysed and compared against existing management principles. It will also be investigated if any additional information or management skills can be obtained Once all the information has been reviewed a conclusion will be deduced as to weather who moved my cheese reinforces existing management principles and if it has made a significant contribution to management principles in general or not. The author Johnson (1999:2) illustrates that Dr Spencer Johnson, M. D., is a world renowned author who writes motivational books which enable people to change their outlooks on life. By doing this people have achieved goals in their jobs, and improved their all round state of mind. He has achieved medical clerkships at the Harvard medical school as well as the Mayo Clinic. His qualifications also include an M.D. degree from the royal College of Surgeons and a B.A. degree in psychology from the University of Southern California. Dr. Spencer Johnson has managed the following responsibilities throughout his life: He has been given the task of medical director of Communications for a company called Medtronic, who are the inventors of pacemakers. He was given the title of research

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