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MBUS 917 Canadian Tire To: Main character in the case From: Study team Problem Definition (1.00 points) State the overall problem Redevelop the business intelligence (BI) infrastructure. Finalize the BI strategy and implement the program. A massive change effort involving infrastructure, organizational structure and business processes across most of the business would be required. • as well as the specific decision that the main character needs to make. This definition should be very brief (two or three short sentences). First, they had to determine what to do about new quick win requests while they finalized the BI strategy and implemented the program. On one hand, what was the point of the BI strategy and program plan if they kept reacting to new quick win requests, rather than using the plan to prioritize them? However, on the other hand, they had to think about the business implications of not delivering new quick win requests that could provide real value to the business today. They wondered whether rejecting new requests would diminish the end-users’ enthusiasm for the BI initiative and whether the work would be picked up by the shadow IT groups. Second, several elements of the BI strategy still needed to be finalized, and programs, with their ensuing priority and timeline, needed to be developed. Eubanks and Wnek wondered what technological, organizational and people implementation plans would need to be included on the timeline in order to successfully deliver on the BI strategy over the next 2.5 years, given that the organization was expecting the program to be completed by the end of 2005. Issue Analysis (1.50) • List three (3) or four (4) key issues and clearly describe the causes behind all issues. The issues must be mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive. • Between 1994 and 1998, the IW grew dramatically as more

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