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Topic: Importance of cultural diversity management in the organisation Abstract As the world is increasingly becoming globalised, workplace is becoming more and more culturally diverse environment. In such work environment, employees with different cultural backgrounds have to corporate as a team in order to work efficiently and effectively. As well as race and language, there are intangible difference including value, motivation and belief among these people. Cultural diversity affects an organisation both in positive and negative ways depending on management. When it is managed properly, it can be strength of the organisation. However if management cannot handle complex cultural diversity, there will be many potential problems occurring such as higher turnover, absenteeism and interpersonal conflict. Therefore, organisations have to be capable of managing all the employees who are culturally different. There are several different management strategies to handle cultural diversity. These strategies have different level of effectiveness and impact on performance of organisation. This paper will firstly examine impacts of cultural diversity on organisations and then proceed to evaluate different management methodologies to manage cultural diversity and recommend the most effective approach. This paper will conclude that carefully managed cultural diversity is one of the keys to succeed in today’s increasingly globalising business environment. As the world is becoming increasingly globalised, more and more people with different cultural backgrounds are working together in recent year. This means that workplace is becoming more and more heterogeneous in terms of language, religion, race, belief and values. Working with people who are different is often challenging and sometimes even frustrating. Accordingly, cultural diversity

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