Mplications of Drone Usage in Contemporary Armed Conflicts. Essay

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I Drone Warfare in contemporary international conflicts has given rise to a new set of circumstances in international relations. The morality of its usage for armed attacks has created much debate among scholars and the public. There are arguments both in favor and against its usage. Ultimately if we are to continue using drones in armed conflict, it should be under very specific contexts, for example for surveillance purposes or targeting specific objectives with its purpose for use disclosed. In addition, there should be very strict and clear national and international guidelines for their operation. The specific contexts developed for using drones are the result of an analysis of several key issues resulting from its use. Some of the effects of Drone usage that will be explored include the human factor, secrecy, new combat and military roles, human ethics and responsibility and finally some of the reasons behind using such technology. Critics often debate that drones create a certain factor of ‘human disengagement’ on the battlefield. As part of this disengagement is the dehumanization of warfare, including the effects on combatants, the types of combatants, the issue of target discrimination and accuracy and finally civilian casualties. One of the most significant questions asked when discussing the sanctioned use of drones in armed conflicts is what of the impacts on combatants and warfare as a whole. The answers increasingly reveal the significant ethical issues with this question. Many contend that drone warfare ultimately results in the dehumanization of warfare, as the players are detached from the war-zone, which actually increases the possibility of combat. Moreover, many feel that the drones will be used more often as it will be ‘easier’ in a sense as the human aspect and danger will be removed, as there will be fewer soldier casualties. Another

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