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The Internet’s Impact on Society My research paper is about how the internet has an impact on today's culture .most American's today rely on the internet for shopping, job searching and even dating. Most of America do not have the time and patients to go in the real world to shop. The internet today has had an impact on some retail stores and instigating then to drop business. I was very passionate about doing more research on this subject because I work in the technology field. My degree at Central Penn is in computer information systems and so I wanted to do more research on this topic and see what else in today's society has been impacted by the Internet. The overview on this definition is that the internet is producing more Americans to lack direct encouraging and construction more of today's youth to be lazier. “The Internet is showing to be a far more unsafe to the traditional newspapers” According to Taylor (2011). Small and large newspapers alike may have no choice but to abandon their traditional methods for a new approach. New research proves that one of top hotspots for the most recent news is through the Internet the web comes in as third most mainstream hotspot for everyday news, simply behind neighborhood and national television news shows. Newspapers has a long history that goes back several years.” Keeping in mind their roots are in the 1600s, daily papers grown in the U.S and well into the twentieth century” According to Taylor (2011). Internet addiction can be another impact on today’s Society. “Some Internet users may develop an emotional attachment to online friends and activities they create on their computer-Screens” According to Greenfield, Ph.D. (2012). Internet users may enjoy aspects of the Internet -that allow them to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas through the use of chat rooms, social networking websites. Other Internet users

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