Mozart's Final Piece Essay

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s father, Leopold Mozart, was a composer who lived from 1719 to 1787. From the age of three, Amadeus was intensely intrigued by music. His father taught him simple minuets and piano pieces around the age of four, of which he could play faultlessly. By the age of five Amadeus Mozart was already writing and composing his own pieces of music, which he performed for his father. A couple of his early pieces included Andante and Allegro in C. As Leopold began to see how Amadeus’s musical ability was surpassing his own, he gave up composing and taught his children languages and academics, as well as continuing the music lessons. In 1781 Mozart traveled to Vienna to find work that he might be able to do for the emperor. He also studied along-side Baron Gottfried van Swieten, who had a large impact on Mozart’s writing style. Mozart later wrote many pieces that mimicked the styles of Baron Gottfried van Swieten. Mozart’s career was very successful in the beginning of his being in Vienna. In 1787, the young Ludwig van Beethoven traveled to Vienna for two weeks in hopes of studying with Mozart. There is major conflict when trying to fully understand what happened during this visit. There are three possible ideas that could be true: that Mozart heard Beethoven play and praised him, that Mozart rejected Beethoven as a student, or that they never even met. As the end of the decade approached, Mozart’s career slowly declined. In 1791, Mozart fell ill while in Prague, for the 6 September premiere of his opera La clemenza di Tito. Just after this happened, a strange messenger had told him that he was to write a requiem mass in honor of Count von Walsegg's wife. Mozart became obsessed with writing this piece, but soon became bedridden from his illness. There was no finishing his requiem as he was extremely ill, and on December 5th of 1791. His

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