Mozart Effect Essay

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Sarah Vicente Dr.Davis 12/09/11 016 HY The Mozart Effect Journal Entry One "Dr. Frances Rauscher, co-author of the Irvine study, countered that the Mozart Effect cannot be found under all laboratory conditions. 'Because some people cannot get bread to rise,' she wrote, 'does not negate the existence of a 'yeast effect.'" (From Page 2 of 4, Paragraph 5 of "The Myth of the Mozart Effect). Many people are vehemently against believing or even supporting the Mozart Effect, with the argument that certain studies just weren't phased whatsoever. That quote in itself basically says that the absence of something doesn't conclude the extinction of it. So just because a handful of people's intelligence levels weren't heightened doesn't set the bar for everyone else; it only sets the bar for themselves. Saying that music doesn't increase intelligence would be a flawed argument, because how exactly can one measure intelligence? Standardized tests such as the SATs or IQ tests aren't stable testaments as the variables that coincide with test taking are always changing. Your mood, the day, or even the time of day can affect just how well - or poorly - you do on a test. Not the kind of music you listened to prior to taking it. The next thing that comes into play is no other than your own personal preference. Just like how some people prefer cold weather over warm weather, or chocolate over vanilla, some people will prefer Mozart over Madonna or Beethoven over Bach. "One study found that listening to a Stephen King short story had a comparable effect on spatial-reasoning scores, but only for those who enjoyed what they heard." (From Page 2 of 4, Paragraph 4 of "The Myth of the Mozart Effect). When something is pleasurable to a person, it emits brainwaves and signals that essentially release the chemical serotonin which is released when high off a drug or in
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