Movitivation Essay

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Motivation is the mechanism that drives us all toward successful completion of goals. Motivation is stimulated by desires and needs. Success, represents the process of arriving at realistic, worthwhile, and attainable goals. Goals are critical in keeping a person focused and motivated to achieve success. Goals must be realistic, worthwhile, and attainable. Our needs fall into three categories: primary, secondary and social. Primary needs include physical concerns, such as rest, hunger, shelter, and safety. Secondary needs are more personal in nature, and deal with the internal drive of the human psyche. These needs center on concerns like self-esteem, peace of mind, self-expression, and other forms of self-determination. Social needs deal with the external world and our acceptance by social institutions and people. This needs include friendship, love, and accomplishments. Until our primary needs are fully satisfied, we can not expect to fulfill our secondary needs, and therefore, not until our secondary needs are met we can not successfully satisfy our social needs. Drive is an internal mechanism that calls us to action. The drive to do something must be sparked by a specific motivation or stimulus. Stimulation or motivation is a catalyst pushes us into action. There are three main motivators that push us into action. The first is when a person is motivated by a reward or incentive. Incentive motivation is an inner-directed force that drives us to achieve non-threatening and often simple goals. Incentive motivation offers rewards for effort, but it does not fully deal with the development of an attitude and worthwhile behavioral change for lasting success. The second motivator is when a person acts out of fear. Although fear may sometimes be a physical scare it may also be defined as a fear of failure, rejection, or isolation. The third and most critical

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