Moving Town Essay

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English Essay Most families move due to work or problems with someone they know or with a loan shark which cause them to leave the town or country they are living in. Some people believe that this is a great thing to do and that you would wonder why you didn’t do it from the beginning. Other people believe that this can tear a family apart or cause even more problems then you may have had in the beginning. I believe that moving to a new town or country is a terrible thing because it causes all sorts if problems, I know this due to self experience. Some such problems maybe loss of connection with friends, difficulty of making new friends, starting a new school, and being considered an outsider. When moving to other countries you will lose contact with your best friends this will cause anger and frustration. This is caused maybe from continental time change which can be a big problem. If you call some one that lives in U.S.A right after you leave school they will still be in there beauty sleep which might make your friend angry for waking him up . Then there could be a schedule difference that may be small but that could cause a lot of problems. For example for one week you will have a holiday and your friend is in school busy trying to do homework and essays. In the end of the day these things will evidently cause a loss of contact with your friends. Therefore I would strongly suggest that parents should not move country. When moving to a new country everybody you ever knew will be gone and you will have to find new friends. Because of your past experience you would act, look and speak differently and trying to find a group of people that were the same as before is close to none. So in order to get in a group of people you will have to act fake and not be your self which can be very stressing and nerve wracking. This is why moving to a new
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