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Moving to America At first just the thought of moving to America was atrocious and excruciating for Lyubov Topova, however a little part of her was excited for a new and enriching experience. She would had to leave her close friends and family back in Ukraine. Lyubov moved to America with her parents, husband, and 1 year old daughter. The move changed her life socially, economically, and culturally. According to Lyubov her social life changed tremendously after moving to America. She felt like a alien, walking through the streets of America. She didn’t know anybody. She had a lot of trouble making new friends at first. The main reason for that was the language barrier. She couldn’t communicate or express her feelings to others in English. This really frustrated Lyubov. So she decided to ELL classes so she could learn and improve her English. Not knowing English led to many other problems. One of them was getting a job. Employers didn’t want to hire her because she was couldn’t speak English fluently So she had to deal with many financial crises. She had to be careful about how much money she spent. But financial problems weren’t the only challenge. Another big change in Lyubov’s life was culture. Lyubov said there were many difference between Ukrainian and American culture. She said it was very tough to adapt to a new culture. In Ukraine it isn’t considered polite to smile at strangers. Whereas in America we smile at everyone including strangers. Another major difference is the between two countries is diversity. America is a very diverse country while Ukraine basically have a one language and one religion type of system. Lyubov said moving to America played a important role in her life. It made her a stronger person mentally. She got the mindset, “ If I could

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